Laurin Lindsey

Laurin Lindsey – Co-owner and Designer

I received my APLD certification in 2016. I currently sit on the APLD national board of directors and am an active member of the APLD Sustainability committee. I love research and learning. My background and training are in art and design. I am experienced in interior and exterior design.  I have been a gardener all my life. I remember being 8 years old and growing sunflowers and tomatoes from seeds. Sadly, the little boy down the street picked all the tomatoes off the vine before they were ripe and beheaded the sunflower; and yes, there were tears. That is the life of a gardener: celebration, awe, reverence and letting go.

The garden is a microcosm of life. It has so much to teach us when we take the time to listen to its lessons. I talk about this in my blog along with our current projects and plant and design information that is Houstoncentric.

I consider myself a multi-media artist. I did interior design prior to landscape design, (my last position was 13 years on the visual design team at Pottery Barn), plus renovation and construction. In landscape design I finally found a field that let me put all my talents and passions together.

I compose each garden as a painting in my mind first and then create my palate of plants and materials before I put anything on paper. My job is to collaborate and aide clients in creating outdoor spaces where they can enjoy the outdoors and nature.

I am a native Californian and have always loved the outdoors. I have been fortunate enough to live in the Heights since 1999. Houston is a unique climate (click here  ). I have learned a great deal about things I never worried about i.e. hard freezes, humidity, drainage etc. I have come to love both the city and the weather; still hate mosquitoes. I am a member of the local Rose Society and Native Plant Society. I also continue to be a member of the Royal Horticultural Society albeit from afar.

Every time I travel I look up the local art museums and gardens. I spent a great deal of time in England, Scotland and France and visited Norway and Holland a few times. I lived very near Ravenscourt Park in London and would walk regularly through Holland Park, Kensington Park and Kew gardens. On several occasions, I could spend the day at Wisley Garden, the Royal Horticulture Societies’ test garden. And one of my favorite places to take a walk is in the garden at Stourhead, a National Trust property.

I have been influenced by Gertrude Jekyll the most respected English gardener of her time. She put it perfectly when she said, “Planting ground is painting the landscape with living things.” I am also huge fan of Alan Tichmarsh, the popular British gardener seen on BBC America. On my wish list is attending the Chelsea Flower show!

Each country and culture had something unique to teach me. It is difficult to have a favorite garden in France because they are all amazing and pleasurable in their own way. I do love visiting Monet’s garden in Giverny, even in the fall it is beautiful as the poppies have spent their last bloom. The French bring a subtle flare to their Jardins. I love the importance public gardens have in daily life in the cities and towns all throughout France.

I am constantly learning and researching anything and everything related to gardens and art. I have a growing resource library of books. A few favorites are “The History of Gardens” by Christopher Thacker, Planting Design by Gang Chen and The TNLA “The Best of Texas Landscaping Guide”.

There is no difference between my love of art and of gardens. I do work to have each garden I design be very visually pleasing while also being easily maintained and sustained. I truly love what I do and I sincerely hope that it shows in my work.

I attend the yearly APLD International Design conference and continue to take courses and classes via the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association (TNLA), The AgLife Extension Texas A&M, The Perennial Plant Association, The Organic Horticulture and Benefits Alliance (OHBA) and other excellent organizations to make sure I am up to date with current trends and practices in landscape design.

I am also a garden blogger. There is a group of garden bloggers that gets together each summer in a different city with its surrounding areas. We catch up, talk shop and visit gardens. It is known as The Garden Bloggers Fling. I have shared gardens with this group in Portland, Toronto, Minneapolis and this summer Washington D.C.

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