It is not uncommon for a property in and around the Houston area to experience standing water, mud and/or saturated soil and water in the yard after a rain storm. However, if the problem persists for an hour after every single rain you may want to consider a solution, such as french drains, surface drains, grading, or a combined drainage system solution.

Wet, soggy ground Moisture-soaked ground is very common in the coastal regions. It is usually pretty easy to spot, and very easy to feel. This symptom is the usually the result of undesirable grading. Gravity can pull water to places on your property where you do not want it. Lawn mowers can partially sink into wet, soggy ground and leave tracks. Children and pets playing in wet, soggy areas often track dirt and mud back into the house. And fungus, mold and mildew, common ailments in Houston already,  grow in wet ground.

Puddles or standing water Water should drain from all locations in your yard. If a puddle remains longer than 30 minutes after a rainstorm ends, you may have a drainage issue. Puddles remaining in the yard for long periods of time make good breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Water flowing under the house In some cases, a drainage problem results in water from the yard actually flowing into (or in the case with pier and beam houses, under) the home. The problem may appears as either wet carpet or flooring around a door, or around the outer wall of the home. Mold, fungus and mildew can cause a host of problems including respiratory and allergenic problem and thrive in damp areas. The infrastructure of the house can be greatly affected by moist conditions underneath. Wood rot, termites, mold and fallen insulation love under-house humidity and dampness and can cause a host of nightmares that can otherwise be prevented.

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